Why doing a school year in Canada will change your life

We know that making the decision to do a school year abroad is not easy and that it requires some time of reflection. If it is the first time that you are going to travel and spend time away from home, it is normal to have certain doubts or to be worried, but we assure you that when you discover the 7 ways in which this adventure will change your life, you will not have to think about anything else! ! Traveling is one of the most interesting and enriching ways to cultivate the mind and a student who has studied a school year in Canada knows it perfectly.

  1. Personal growth: During your school year in Canada you will meet many people, you will have new experiences, you will enjoy doing different plans and activities and, of course, you will learn languages. Everything you need to live a transformative experience that will change the way you see life and the world around you and will provide you with an open mind and the ability to accept realities different from yours. You will get to know the country in depth and you will see how different the Canadian culture and lifestyle is. All students who venture to take a course abroad mature and experience great personal growth that changes them forever.
  1. New knowledge: You will not only learn languages ​​during your school year in Canada, but you will also be able to benefit from its school system and subjects, different from those offered in Spain and taught with a very different approach and methodology from that used in most of our schools; much more practical and in which factors as important as emotional intelligence are worked on and taken into account. In Canada you will also have the opportunity to practice new sports, not so common in our country and that you will surely love, such as ice hockey, lacrosse or curling.
  1. Improvement of academic performance: Studying a school year in Canada is a fantastic option for all those students who have not obtained as good results as they hoped or who are not satisfied with the educational system of their country of origin and want to change of scene to try different options. Studying in Canada will allow you to obtain a much more practical training focused on success and obtain new study habits that will dramatically improve your performance and grades. At the end of your school year in Canada you will see how much more motivated you feel and with renewed energy to face the rest of your academic training.
  1. English proficiency in your school program in Canada: Although the advantages of doing a school year in Canada go far beyond language learning, we cannot forget that the main objective (or at least one of them) is to improve the level of English. If you choose to take an academic course in Canada you will see how quickly you gain confidence and fluency when communicating in English and how you acquire new vocabulary and expressions with which you will become an expert speaker. To achieve this goal you will have to do your part, we recommend that you study at home what you have learned in class and above all that you try to speak as much as you can since this will force you to leave your comfort zone and use new words.
  1. International friendships: At the end of your school year in Canada, you will return with countless new friends. Making friends is something very important in life and it enriches you in many different ways, it will allow you to accept realities different from yours, as well as to be more open and sociable. During your stay in Canada you will meet people of different cultures and nationalities, which will bring you countless knowledge. If you are a shy or a bit shy person, an experience of this type will allow you to hatch, gain confidence and self-esteem and give you all the skills you will need in the future to establish new friendships and interact with different people.
  1. Positive Mindset: Living an experience like a school year in Canada will bring you back with a very different perspective and mindset. Traveling helps us to grow and mature, it helps you to relativize, to take life differently, to appreciate what is truly important, to value the time you spend with your loved ones and to value the opportunities that life offers you. You will realize that we are a small part of a huge world, you will change the scene and you will meet people of other nationalities, with which you will learn to accept and respect what is “different” and to value and appreciate more what is “own”.
  1. Future professional thanks to a school year in Canada: It is well known that languages ​​are increasingly important to access a job, often becoming an essential requirement to be eligible for a job vacancy. Regardless of languages, doing a school year in Canada is something that generates a very good impression on a student. A student who has lived an international stay gives off very important values ​​in a professional: independence, maturity, self-sufficiency, resolution capacity, social skills, entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit, leadership skills … skills that are essential if we want to ensure a bright future and that a academic course in Canada will report you safely.

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