What to do on your visit to Toronto during your school year in Canada

Whatever the destination of your school year in Canada, our recommendation is that you take advantage of your stay to visit as many cities as you can and one of the fundamental ones is, without a doubt, Toronto. Before making your visit, it is convenient that you inform yourself a little about the things you must see and do and thus not leave anything behind.

  1. Take a photo of the Toronto skyline: Take home the best memory of the city by going to the Toronto Islands, a group of small islands in Lake Ontario, just 10 minutes by ferry from the city center, from which you will have privileged views of the Toronto skyline. In addition, this place is great for having a picnic or barbecue with your friends and classmates from your school year in Canada, and even to rent a kayak and take a walk on the lake.
  1. Going on an excursion to Niagara Falls : The best known natural phenomenon in the country and one of the most popular in the world. If you visit Toronto during your school year in Canada, you cannot leave without visiting this spectacle of nature. This impressive waterfall acts as a border between the US and Canada and if you want you can take a boat with which to get as close as possible to the waterfall or take an excursion that will take you to see the waterfall from the inside.
  1. Climb the CN Tower: The true symbol of the city is this imposing tower and it will be impossible to leave without having seen it, its more than 500 meters of altitude will give you spectacular panoramic views of all of Toronto. Taking a photo, or a few, from the viewpoint located at 447 meters will allow you to preserve a very special memory of your visit to the city during your school year in Canada.
  1. Ice skating: We have no doubt that during your school year in Canada, whatever your destination, there will be multiple occasions when you will have the opportunity to ice skating, since Canadians love this sport . Toronto is an ideal city to carry out this activity, since it has more than 50 tracks to choose from; the most famous, Nathan Philips Square, which turns its fountains into skating rinks.
  1. Take a walk through The Distillery District: You will love getting lost in the streets of this commercial district of the city that constitutes one of the most touristic places in Toronto, which in 1860 was the largest whiskey distillery in the world. Discover its Victorian-style architecture, its original shops where you can buy souvenirs from your school year in Canada and its restaurants, where you can enjoy delicious dishes.
  1. Visit the Eaton Center stores: Surely you love to go shopping and that is why you cannot leave without visiting this impressive shopping center where you will find anything you are looking for in its more than 300 stores. If Toronto is the destination of your school year in Canada or if you visit the city during your stay, the Eaton Center is an essential place that will fascinate you.
  2. Discover Queen Street and Yonge-Dundas Square: Two of the most emblematic places in Toronto to visit during your school year in Canada are Queen Street, full of graffiti, sculptures and different samples of urban art, and Yonge-Dundas Square , the Canadian version of Times Square that represents the nerve center of the city and that will impress you with its huge LED screens.

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