Thinking about studying abroad? Canada is waiting for you

Until recently, the United States was one of the most popular study abroad destinations, but recent government policies on immigration led by Donald Trump prompted many students interested in studying English to choose the neighboring country as an alternate study destination.

The reality is that it is justified, as the Government of Canada, led by its dynamic Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, culminates in an unending triumph that many have already dubbed “The New American Dream.”

This New American ideal alludes to the multicultural and inclusive nature of education provided in Canadian schools, not just on a curricular level, but also on a human level, in light of today’s horrific migration events.

Integration of high schools in Canada

According to the most recent PISA report, the OECD considers Canada’s educational system to be the best among Western countries, so it’s not surprising that many Spanish and European students consider studying in Canada and even completing their academy there, where, in addition to receiving an education, they can also learn English or French, as Canada is a bilingual society.

These integration experiences in Canada are extremely beneficial and constructive for young children because they enable them to develop independence and learn to live with others who speak different languages and have different customs.

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There are several options for studying in Canada during the Canadian academic year, including a full ten-month school year as a student in Canada, a four- to fifteen-week integration program in high school during which the student lives with a Canadian family or in a home while also learning English and taking the subjects he or she chooses. These are the most popular summer camps, and given the close approach to summer, it is critical to be proactive and reserve a seat in advance.

On the plus side, because the student’s return to Canada is validated for one school year in Spain, he or she not only receives a higher education and improves his or her English level, but also has the school to continue his education as if he or she had studied in Spain.

Summer Camps in Canada

It’s no small task to organize a journey of this magnitude; therefore, it’s preferable to leave all paperwork and processes to specialists in Spain and Canada who will take care of all the arrangements, allowing you to benefit from the best educational system available.

For Canada, one of the reference firms is Red Leaf, which is celebrating 30 years of international education mobility this year. With offices in Madrid, Toronto, and Beijing, Red Leaf ensures that no detail of your visit to Canada is left to chance.


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