The most important cities in Canada in 2022

As you probably already know, Canada is a huge country; It is in fact the second largest in the world after Russia, so as expected, there are also many cities that you can find and among which you must choose to do your school year in Canada. Although the destination you want for your school year in Canada may be a small town or town, which is perfectly possible, it is also likely that you want to take into account the cities that you are going to have nearby to make a decision.


Located in the province of Ontario, it is the most populous city in Canada. One of the main attractions of this city is its proximity to Niagara Falls; a wonder of nature that is worth knowing and the majestic CN Tower as the maximum exponent of the city. Another of the most remarkable characteristics of this city is its multiculturalism, a fantastic destination for your school year in Canada. Toronto is an eminently cultural city, and although it is not the capital of the country, it is the economic and metropolitan center of Canada, whose activity is concentrated in a bustling downtown full of skyscrapers that contrasts with the tranquility of the residential neighborhoods of beautiful low houses and manicured porches and gardens. In Toronto, you can enjoy a wide variety of restaurants and shops. 


This city, province of Quebec, is the second most inhabited in Canada and is an important industrial, commercial and cultural center of the country. If you have the opportunity to visit this urban center, we recommend that you do so and walk through Old Montreal, where you will feel the European spirit of this city. Montreal is known for being a cultural and artistic icon of Canada, so you cannot miss its museums of Fine Arts and Archeology, its replica of the Notre Dame Basilica, the Olympic Tower, or the Clock Tower. If what you like the most is walking, Montreal will enchant you; enjoy its quaint neighborhoods and great restaurants, as well as street markets and lively festivals like the International Jazz Festival. An ideal place to do a school year in Canada.


Belonging to British Columbia, Vancouver is the main city on the west coast of the country, a place with a lively and youthful atmosphere full of cafes, bars, and shops. A charming city that will fascinate you by the contrast of its modernity with the mountains that surround it. If you choose Vancouver as a destination or visit it during your school year in Canada, you cannot miss the views of the skyline from Stanley Park, the seashore in the north, or the tranquility of Granville Island. This urban center offers it all: modernity, avant-garde, nature, sports, leisure, restaurants, bars, and shops. It is the ideal destination for winter sports lovers, despite having a relatively mild climate compared to the rest of the country, Vancouver has ski slopes just 45 minutes away.


We cannot forget Ottawa, the capital of the country. This city, despite its modern buildings, enjoys a quiet environment thanks to a large number of parks and natural spaces it has. Ottawa’s main tourist attractions come from its official buildings, such as the Parliament of Canada, the most popular image of the city, but also from the Rideau Canal, 200 km long, declared a World Heritage Site, for which it is a very pleasant to walk in summer or skate on it in winter when it freezes. If this is the destination of your school year in Canada, you will be able to enjoy fantastic museums, countless bars, and restaurants, as well as frequent visits to the city of Toronto, due to its proximity.

Quebec City

This city in the province of Quebec is a fortified population divided into two parts: Upper and Lower, you will love its romantic atmosphere and the large number of tourist attractions to visit. Quebec is not only the “cradle of New France” and the maximum representation of the influence of French culture in North America, but it is also one of the most beautiful cities in the entire continent, so we recommend you, if you have the opportunity, that you visit her in your school year in Canada. You will be surprised by its historical charm, visible in its architecture from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, perfectly preserved. You will love the spirit of its inhabitants and its contagious vitality, especially during the summer, when the city becomes a continuous spectacle.


In the province of Alberta, Calgary is a place that combines the modern and the traditional in a balanced way, where you can find a large number of shops, restaurants, and nightlife options, as well as interesting museums and beautiful parks where you can enjoy the good weather and different outdoor activities. One of the city’s biggest attractions is its Chinatown district, a place where you can immerse yourself in a lively and peculiar atmosphere, where you can try delicious exotic dishes and visit curious and colorful shops. If your school year in Canada has Calgary as your destination, one of your favorite places will surely be Prince’s Island Park, a park of incredible beauty, located on top of a hill, which offers spectacular panoramic views of the city.


Known as the “festival city”, Edmonton is the capital of the province of Alberta and is home to one of the largest shopping malls in the world, the West Edmonton Mall, and the most important living history museum in the country. This urban center is known for its collection of parks located around the North Saskatchewan River Valley, offering 100 recreational miles, as well as a rich variety of fauna and flora to enjoy in your school year in Canada. This city also has an important tradition of theatrical shows, offering several annual festivals, numerous matches of different sports throughout the year, a multitude of activities and open-air concerts, as well as a wide range of bars and restaurants.


Capital of the province of Manitoba and located on the shores of a lake with which it shares its name, Winnipeg is one of the main cultural centers of the country. If this is the destination of your school year in Canada, you will be able to enjoy a large number of parks and natural spaces and a very important historical architecture. Its attractions include the Royal Canadian Mint, which you should enjoy from the outside since it is not allowed to enter, the Assiniboine park of great natural beauty and diversity, the Kildonan Park zoo with exotic animal species, the Exchange neighborhood with spectacular architecture Victorian, as well as the districts of Chinatown or Little Italy, where you can enjoy exquisite cuisine and bustling atmosphere.

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