Can an illegal immigrant buy a house in the United States?

Although there are legal and financial barriers to overcome, the fact is that illegal immigrants can buy a home in the United States. According to the Migration Policy Institute, more than 3.4 million undocumented immigrants owned a home in 2014. This represents 31 percent of all undocumented immigrants in the United States or nearly one-third. … Read more

Immigration Process to US | 9 Ways

Immigration is the act of entering a country with the intention of living or working there permanently. In the United States, the immigration process is regulated by specific laws and steps, with the purpose of maintaining order and control over who enters and leaves the United States. There are also laws that administer visa and … Read more

Studying English in the United States vs Canada – Differences

Learning a second language today means giving a quality blow to an individual’s profile. This allows the opening of a new path full of opportunities, especially if we refer to English. While there are many ways to study it, English courses abroad, specifically in English-speaking countries, have gained in popularity due to their clear effectiveness in … Read more