6 essential visits during your school year in Canada

Canada is a country of great natural spaces, with many incredible places to visit: wide and extensive plains, rugged snow-capped mountains, lush forests that seem out of a story, glaciers, rivers, and lakes … Canada has it all. It is a country that is a wonder of nature thanks to its landscapes, its flora, and fauna, … Read more

Studying English in the United States vs Canada – Differences

Learning a second language today means giving a quality blow to an individual’s profile. This allows the opening of a new path full of opportunities, especially if we refer to English. While there are many ways to study it, English courses abroad, specifically in English-speaking countries, have gained in popularity due to their clear effectiveness in … Read more

Career Opportunities in Canada After the Graduation

Canada, which is the second-largest country in the world in terms of area; With its cold winters, vast forests, high-tech industry, tolerant and multicultural structure, two official languages ​​where both English and French are spoken, and quality universities, it is one of the most popular education and career destinations for more than 300,000 international students. Known as … Read more

Best Law Schools in Canada in 2022

Law is arguably one of the most important professional programs in the world. So, have you thought about studying law in Canada? Canada has over 70 law schools and offers more than 240 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. These include courses such as civil law, social and legal studies, justice, and society, while law degrees offered by … Read more

Activities to do in Canada as a Student/Tourist

Canada, which dates back thousands of years and is home to the unique natural beauties of North America, is now called a wonderland. Cities across the country such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are full of opportunities for adventure-seeking travelers and tourists alike to explore, each with their own unique and surprising features. With its cultural diversity … Read more

What is the difference between Permanent Residence and Citizenship in Canada?


what is permanent residence? Permanent residence = The right to live in Canada permanently (immigrant/immigrant) while retaining the other nationality. Visas of a particular category, such as normal student visas and work visas, are referred to as “permanent resident visas,” whilst non-immigrant visas are referred to as “non-immigrant visas.” You have a permanent right to … Read more