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China is the oldest civilization that was born more than five thousand years ago in eastern Eurasia. Many wars stirred up the foundations of this state, and emperors replaced each other one after another. But in the twentieth century, everything changed.

It is a stable country, the second economy in the world, focused on progress and development. Now, many Chinese universities are happy to open their doors to foreigners to share the experience of the economic miracle, as well as benefit from the experience of other countries. Everything aimed at the prosperity of the Middle Kingdom.

Stages of Education

Education in China consists of three stages: pre-school, high school, and above. Foreigners are invited to study in the last two stages.
Let’s start with the school bench. Study here lasts 12 years: 6 years in primary school, 3 years in high school, and 3 years in high school. Children from outside can start learning from the first grade. Read more at

Foreign Students

A small percentage of Chinese schools are eligible to accept foreign students: only those schools that have demonstrated a high level of training for Chinese students. For foreigners, the training takes place in two stages: the language year and the transition to the year of study specified at the time of admission.
Chinese schools are small universities, with their own campuses, dorms, soccer fields, sports facilities, and small institutes for music lessons. These promising schools have only a few drawbacks: far from home and relatives, an unusual environment, and the fact that tuition is paid.

Language Issues

Despite this, the pluses far outnumber the minuses. First of all, admission to high school allows you to master the language from an early age in a linguistic environment. And the price of such education is very low compared to European schools, but the quality is the same.
An opportunity to learn about the culture. If you have lived in one country or region your whole life, you are 100% rooted in its culture, and it is rooted in you. For example, there are certain foods you eat and etiquette you like. Well, if you encounter a different culture, you will have the opportunity to experience a different lifestyle. This experience not only allows you to taste authentic Chinese food. It can also open up a new way of thinking for you.
Learn a new language. From a more technical point of view, an international student can also benefit from learning a language in the country in which it is directly used. In the end, it will be much easier to learn a language when you are constantly with it and have the opportunity to practice it on a daily basis. This experience becomes even more valuable when you speak a language with native speakers because they can help you not only learn words and grammar but also dampen your accent and improve your pronunciation. Also, the textbook usually does not teach you the local terms and sayings commonly used in Chinese.

Universities in China

There are many great universities. When you study in China, you will have the opportunity to study in great universities. In fact, the reputation of the People’s Republic of China in the field of higher education is steadily growing. Whether you spend a semester there for undergraduates or complete graduate studies in another country, you have many options. This is important because where you study can mean a lot to potential employers. For example, if you go to an internationally recognized school, employers will receive much more notice than if you received a degree from an unknown college or community college. The great thing about this is that you have options. In China, you do not have to study at a particular university. Alternatively, you can apply to multiple universities and possibly choose.

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