Myths and Realities about Canadian Education System

Canada is a dream place and without a doubt, one of the best destinations for your school year abroad. You may not yet know much about this country and what you do know is the result of the stereotypes and myths that we all know about the different cultures and countries of the world, but what is true about them? Find out before doing your academic course in Canada.

Canada is a country of towns and mountains

Canada is a destination commonly associated with nature and known for the great richness and variety of its natural resources. However, many times this idea can lead us to think that in Canada there are only forests, lakes, and mountains and this could not be more wrong. It is true that this country is incredibly rich in nature, but that does not mean that it is not also home to some of the most modern and avant-garde cities in the world with fantastic leisure offers and all the services you may need during your school year in Canada. . The truth is that this country offers you everything: from the wildest and purest nature, like the most modern cities in the world.

Winter lasts all year

One of the biggest myths about Canada and one of the most widespread refers to the climate. We tend to think that in Canada there is always snow and it is always cold and although it is true that during winter temperatures are quite low, especially compared to Spain and that snowfalls are very frequent, in Canada it is also hot in summer and they have temperatures that reach and even exceed 30ºC. During your school year in Canada you will be able to enjoy winter and snow, practicing mountain sports such as skiing or snowboarding, participating in hilarious snow wars, but also summer, making different outdoor plans: hiking, visits to different lakes from the area, bike rides or different sports that you can play with your new friends in your school year in Canada.

Canadians only play hockey

Canada is known worldwide for its tradition and love of hockey, especially on ice, and it has nothing to do with myth, it is completely true. Our recommendation is that you take advantage of this circumstance during your school year in Canada and go see a game if the opportunity presents itself and play with your friends as many times as possible. Through sport, you will be able to learn more about the personality of Canadians, strengthen ties and understand why they like this sport so much that you will end up falling in love. But if your thing is not hockey and what you want is to practice other different sports in your school year in Canada, do not worry, because this will also be possible, since in this country they not only play and enjoy hockey, they are also great fans of basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and baseball.

A passion for maple syrup and Tim Hortons

One of the best-known and exported indigenous products worldwide is maple syrup, which you have surely heard of. Canadians adore this product that they add to just about everything. You can eat it with pancakes, French toast, waffles, hot chocolate, cakes, and even over bacon. The production of maple syrup is mainly concentrated in the south of the country and the north of the United States and we recommend that you try it during your school year in Canada, you are sure to love it! Also visit one of the cafes of the well-known Tim Hortons chain, of which Canadians are champions. Try their coffees, their different flavored donuts, and the different sweets, sandwiches, and breakfast options that they offer.

Gastronomy based on junk food

Due to its geographical proximity to the United States and its obvious cultural similarities, we might think that traditional gastronomy and dishes are the same and that Canada also has a great fondness for junk food. It is true that during your school year in Canada you will be able to eat hamburgers, fries, and chocolate shakes, but this is not something exclusive to Canada, since junk food is already widespread worldwide. In contrast to this, you should know that Canada enjoys excellent raw materials and products of the best quality. In your school year in Canada, you will be able to taste dishes of the best salmon and delicious meats, as well as tasty fruits and vegetables. Of course, you should take advantage of your academic course in Canada to try traditional dishes, such as poutine, a meat-based dish.

Parlez-Vous Français?

The official languages ​​of Canada are 2: English and French; surely you already knew. And although this is true, we might think that the entire Canadian population masters both languages ​​perfectly, but it is not. The predominance of one or the other language varies depending on the region or city and is undoubtedly something to take into account when choosing the destination of your school year in Canada. The most widespread language is English, spoken by the vast majority of Canadians as their mother tongue. So if the objective of your academic year in Canada is to learn English, you will be able to achieve it with absolute success and also, you will be able to take advantage of it to start, learn or improve your level of French.

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