Does the Canadian government provide any support to government-assisted Refugees?

Initial support services for government-assisted refugees are provided by organizations across Canada, such as provincial and municipal governments and non-profit organizations, with funding from the federal government and other sources. The same is true for the Government of Canada.

  • Financial assistance to government-assisted refugees.
  • The province funds organizations that provide long-term settlement support services to permanent residents and Canadian citizens.

Who is eligible to sponsor the Private Sponsorship Refugee Program?

  • To be eligible for sponsorship, a refugee claimant must be
  • Be located outside of Canada, and
  • Meet the definition of one of the refugee categories in Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Two categories of refugees are eligible to participate in the program

The overseas refugee category under the Convention and the overseas refugee category under the countries in the asylum category.

Who can sponsor a refugee?

These individuals or groups can sponsor a refugee

  • Holder of sponsorship contract. These groups have formal agreements with the Ministry to support refugees.
  • A group of 5 people. A group of five or more Canadians or permanent residents living in an area.
  • Community Sponsorship. This is an organization, association or society based on the community in which the refugee resides.

How long does it take for a privately sponsored refugee to arrive in Canada?

This depends on the situation. The processing time varies depending on the origin of the refugee and the complexity of the case. You can check the processing time for your application on our website.

In some areas, the interview can be complicated because the visa officer does not have personal access to the refugee. It can also be difficult to obtain documentation (including identity documents) and to verify family members.

The speed with which we process your application also depends on the following factors

  • The number of applications received.
  • The security of the area, and
  • The speed with which requirements such as security checks and medical examinations can be completed.

As a result, some cases may take longer to process than others.

To speed up the processing of these applications, the sponsoring body must

Ensure that all relevant documentation & Make sure that all contact information is accurate.

Who decides if a refugee can be resettled with the help of a sponsor?


The sponsor will provide the name of the refugee or refugee family they wish to sponsor. One of our officers will determine if the group has the necessary support to become a sponsor.


The United Nations Refugee Agency, other referral organizations and private sponsor groups are responsible for identifying and referring refugees for resettlement to Canada.

A Canadian visa officer determines whether the person identified

Meet the requirements for relocation, and will enter Canada.

What support do government-assisted refugees receive?

The Resettlement Assistance Program provides direct and essential support to government-assisted refugees to meet their most basic needs.

  1. Support services include
  2. Reception at the airport.
  3. Temporary accommodation.
  4. Assistance in finding permanent housing.
  5. Assistance with registration for mandatory federal and state programmes.
  6. Guidance to the community
  7. Provide contact information for security and emergency services.
  8. Refer refugees to the municipality where they will live permanently.

Explain why they are here.

Public transportation.

Canada’s education and health care system.

Canadian laws and customs, and the local climate.

Support for personal finances, such as

  • Opening a bank account and
  • Using debit and credit cards.

Assistance with basic ‘life skills’ for high-needs clients & Referrals to other refugee programmers.

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