Career Opportunities in Canada After the Graduation

Canada, which is the second-largest country in the world in terms of area; With its cold winters, vast forests, high-tech industry, tolerant and multicultural structure, two official languages ​​where both English and French are spoken, and quality universities, it is one of the most popular education and career destinations for more than 300,000 international students. Known as the country of immigrants, Canada offers the United States and Australia the opportunity to find employment and live in the country for a large number of qualified foreign students each year. Let’s take a look at the cities and areas where you can pursue a career in Canada after you graduate!

Career Opportunities in Canada

Students who are considering studying in Canada have two questions in mind; “Can I stay in the country and find a job after graduation?” In fact, most students who graduate from any university in the country have a very good chance of staying and finding a job. Because during your education, thanks to the internships you will do, you will create a social network for yourself and get used to the culture and lifestyle of the country. If you have not graduated from a university in Canada and are going to work in the country, it is worth noting that the government offers many opportunities to nearly 250 thousand immigrants every year.

For those who are considering a career in Canada after graduation, although the cost of education and living is high, especially in cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec, where universities and business lines are high, they are not as expensive as America, England, and Australia. For this reason, every year, many new graduates seek employment opportunities in Canada by benefiting from the consultancy services of the universities they have studied. In recent years, the progress in the country, especially in the oil sector, has increased the need for petroleum engineers in these areas, but the developments in the field of technology, especially in computer and information technologies, computer programming and software, graphic and web design, and in the health sector, the need for more employment in the fields of doctors and nurses.

for students to pursue a career in Canada; While multicultural country people are preferred because of their natural beauties and being one of the safest countries in the world, low unemployment rates and developed economic structure are also one of the biggest factors. In order to find a job in Canada, you can first go through the CV preparation, interviews, and job postings by applying to the counseling centers for international students of the university you will graduate from. At the same time, on the internet;

  • You can become a member of LinkedIn to develop your professional business network ,
  • If you are looking for a job in the field of design, you can share your portfolio on sites such as Behance , Deviantart ,
  • You can enter international job search sites such as Monster , XING , Job Canada , Talent Egg ,
  • You can look at the job opportunities published on the Canadian government’s official page CIC and upload your CV,
  • In addition, if you have free time during your education, by visiting the Volunteer Canada site, you can find yourself a place in volunteer work and projects and add an excellent experience to your resume.

In Which Fields Can You Find a Job?

There are two options for students who want to pursue a career in Canada after graduation; If you have studied at any institution of higher education in Canada, you can apply for postgraduate studies and browse for academic career opportunities in the country, or you can look for a job in sectors that suit your major. The presence of international companies such as Bayer, Sandoz Canada, Shopify, L’Oreal Canada, PepsiCo Canada, Siemens Canada, HootSuite Media in Canada, especially in fields such as engineering, health sector, business, and economy, facilitates the opportunity to find a job and work after graduation.


If you are considering a career in Canada after graduation, we recommend that you choose engineering education. In recent years, especially electrical-electronics, computer, and mechanical engineering provides job opportunities no matter which country in the world you go to, in Canada, especially petroleum engineering is at the forefront. Petroleum engineers who are involved in the production and management of crude oil and natural gas reserves and their use, drilling and well construction, and operation of various facilities enjoy high salaries and harsh working conditions. If you are thinking of making a career in Canada, the field of petroleum engineering, which provides a luxurious lifestyle, impresses with both the presence of existing universities and job fields.


For those seeking career opportunities in Canada, there is always a need for skilled personnel in the healthcare industry, particularly in medicine. High-quality schools such as the University of Toronto, McGill University, and Queen’s University have a large share in the preference of cities such as Montreal and Toronto in Canada, which is an ideal place for students who want to live in a country with a developed economy. Extensive laboratory facilities, artificial cells, organs, and research on drugs against aging and diseases reveal the need for both academic and qualified careers for those who want to study medicine in the country.


For students who are considering studying in Canada, the developing technology in recent years has brought success in the field of computer science in the country. Advances in telecommunications, the internet, e-commerce, robotics, and general technology in the country have also led to the development of business fields. Today, while computers are an integral part of all organizations and economic sectors, job opportunities are high for computer science specialists in areas such as security systems development, banking, bio-informatics and tomography, game design, business equipment, computer-aided design.

The fact that Canada is the world’s largest game developer after America and Japan ensures that you will not have any trouble finding a job in the country thanks to the education you will receive in this department. The computer games department, where you can improve yourself from 3D graphics to game design, from programming to artificial intelligence and player interfaces, is one of the most preferred programs in computer science faculties. It is worth mentioning that the share of increasing business areas in this is also great.

Working Conditions in Canada

During your student life in Canada, you have the right to work up to 20 hours a week on the campuses of the universities where you study without applying for a work visa. This covers a full day during the summer holidays. To pursue a career in Canada after graduation, international students can apply for a work permit under the Post Graduate Work Permit Program ( PGWPP). The work permit, which is given up to a maximum of 3 years, may vary depending on the duration of the student’s education.

To get a work permit after graduation;

  • Having graduated from a training program of at least 8 months,
  • Have completed undergraduate or graduate programs at a university in Canada,
  • Apply for a work permit within 90 days with the graduation certificate or transcript you will receive after graduation,
  • To apply for a work visa, you must have a student visa.

At the same time, Canada allows qualified immigrants who want to settle in the country every year to live and work in the country. For this, newly graduated students gain the right to work with Express Entry by meeting their English or French language requirements. You can learn the necessary conditions in more detail on the CIC website, and you can get help from the consulates in your country.

At the Same Time…

  • Studying in Canada doesn’t mean you can 100% get a job and live in the country. If you are looking for career opportunities in Canada, choose the right university and city to study. Check if there are job sites suitable for your department in the city you have chosen.
  • If you are considering a career in Canada, make good use of your internships during your studies, as well as look for voluntary services in the country and part-time job opportunities related to your field.
  • Start your research 2-3 months before graduating for job opportunities and apply with a cover letter and CV that you can express yourself in the best way .
  • Strengthen your social network by attending career fairs and seminars held in the country.

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