British Columbia (BC) Invites 488 Nominee Candidates in Latest Draw

With some of the lowest scores recorded this year, the minimum points required to be invited to the general BCPNP Draw continue to drop.

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) held a draw on August 31, 2021. In their most recent round of invites, the province extended 488 invitations to skilled immigration aspirants. This is the largest BCPNP draw since March 2021.

BCPNP has maintained a preference for individuals holding NOC codes 0621 and 0631, which are more competitive than other occupations. The COVID-19 epidemic’s impact on British Columbia businesses has resulted in a higher point requirement. BCPNP has the right to modify these draws in the future in response to changing labor market conditions.

21 invites to the BCPNP targeted draw

This draw was conducted exclusively for candidates with the NOC codes 0621 and 0631. In this round of solicitations, applicants for these occupations were required to have a minimum base score of 106. This is the same score as was used in the most recent occupation draw conducted by the BCPNP.

Minimum SIRS score for Express Entry BC categories (EEBC):

106 skilled workers

Graduated from an international university: 106

Minimum SIRS score for BC Skills Immigration categories:

106 skilled workers

Graduated from an international university: 106

467 invites were sent out in the general BCPNP draw.

All other NOC codes were targeted in the next BCPNP draw. Throughout the year, the minimum score chosen has been steadily dropping.

Minimum SIRS score for Express Entry BC categories (EEBC):

86 Skilled Worker

Graduated from an international university: 75

Minimum SIRS score for BC Skills Immigration categories:

Worker with Specialized Skills: 90

Graduated from an international university: 77

69 percent of the workforce is entry-level or semi-skilled.

What is BCPNP and how does it work?

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) offers two types of talented specialized migration programs: Express Entry and Skills Immigration. Each stream contains additional moving channels. Express Entry and Skills Immigration are virtually identical; in either case, the Express Entry pathway expedites the process for competitors who qualify to submit an Express Entry profile.

Competitors who meet the qualifications for the Skilled Worker, International Graduate, or Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker pathways in British Columbia may submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). When an applicant provides an EOI profile, the territory’s Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) classifies and scores them. BC will send a greeting to the most prominent applicants for positions to apply for selection. After receiving a greeting, applicants have 30 days to organize and present their online applications to the region.

In approximately 2-3 months, a decision on a competitor’s application will be made. After obtaining an assignment, an up-and-comer will be qualified to submit an application to the federal government for Permanent Residence. Competitors who qualify the requirements for BC’s Express Entry stream will have their applications processed in less than half the time. Individuals who filed for permanent residence through BC’s Skills Immigration program will be allowed to present a non-Express Entry application.

Is a job offer required to participate in British Columbia’s Nominee Programs?

Unless you qualify for British Columbia’s International Post-Graduate classification, you will complete a work offer and the help of a British Columbia manager in order to meet all BCPNP Skills Immigration requirements. On the other hand, competitors may waive the requirement for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for the British Columbia migration.

English The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) issues letters of support for work grants to persons who have been effectively chosen. As a result, rising stars in the BCPNP may utilize this letter to request work approval rather than completing a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This is the result of a shared government arrangement that enables the territory to send these letters without having to comply with the LMIA’s strict standards. Managers in British Columbia should complete a Job Offer structure, which includes a few facts regarding the organization’s efforts to recruit a long-term resident or a Canadian resident.


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