Best Law Schools in Canada in 2022

Law is arguably one of the most important professional programs in the world. So, have you thought about studying law in Canada?

Canada has over 70 law schools and offers more than 240 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. These include courses such as civil law, social and legal studies, justice, and society, while law degrees offered by Canadian universities cover a range of specializations, among them cyberspace law, jungle law, indigenous legal traditions. Well, do you know that as a law graduate in Canada you will earn an average of 164,421 Canadian dollars per year? Let’s get to know Canadian universities, which are among the best law schools in the world. 

1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a global center of research and academic excellence located in the heart of Canada’s multicultural capital. The university’s law school is ranked seventeenth among the world’s top law universities by QS and first in Canada. The university’s focus is on top-level education, diversity, and a deep commitment to the justice system. Thus, students can expect a challenging yet inviting environment to complete their studies.

The University of Toronto Law School, founded in 1887, is considered the most prestigious law school in Canada. The Faculty’s admissions process is the most selective of any law school in Canada. Undergraduate tuition is CAD 44,690 per year for international students, and the language of instruction at the university’s law school is English.

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2. McGill University

McGill University’s groundbreaking legal education is one of the best in the world. Established in 1848, McGill Law is one of the oldest law schools in Canada and is known as the ‘Harvard of the North’ due to its strong reputation. One of three universities in Quebec to offer some programs in the English language, McGill also offers dual degree programs taught in English and French.

McGill’s reputation as one of the best law schools in Canada is home to well-known names with diverse backgrounds, from alumni who have served in various courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada, to academics in business and law.

3. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia’s Peter A. Allard School of Law was named Canada’s third-best university for law in the QS World University Rankings 2021. With over 70 years of presence in the city of Vancouver, the faculty’s law program not only provides students with a basic education but also helps them meet the requirements to practice law in Canada.

The University of British Columbia Law School offers a JD program for undergraduate students and also has four graduate programs. In their second and third years of university, students are given the opportunity to participate in clinical and internship programs to gain practical skills and solve real-life legal problems. There are a number of options, including a crime clinic, aboriginal community legal clinic, and forensic externship.

4. University of Montreal

Another prestigious school that consistently ranks in the top 10 among the best law schools to study law in Canada is the University of Montreal. However, the language of the university is French. French-speaking international students wishing to pursue a law degree in Canada can attend the University of Montreal. The institution also has courses such as Business Law for English speakers.

5. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa Law School is the oldest and largest bilingual university in Canada. It has a number of great programs in English and French such as International Trade and Investment Law, Notary Law (French only), Global Sustainability, and Environmental Law. One of the great things about studying law at the University of Ottawa is that students study in the nation’s capital. This means a range of networking opportunities in both business and government.

6. York University

York University Osgoode Hall School of Law is one of Canada’s largest and most diverse law schools, as well as being the oldest law school in Ontario, founded in 1889. Osgoode Hall offers a rigorous and forward-looking curriculum that prepares students for a wide range of careers in law. Currently, the institution offers a wide variety of programs, among them Business Law, Common Law, and the like.

7. Queen’s University

Established in 1957, Queen’s Law School has been one of the most prestigious law schools in Canadian legal education since its inception. Known for its criminal law and family law programs, Queen’s Law is committed to high academic achievement for current and prospective students.

Queen’s Law offers a full-time Master of Law in Political and Legal thought program lasting 12 months. The Ph.D. research program lasts 36 months and is taught in English.

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