8 Things You should know before you go to do your school year in Canada

After reading this short guide, you will already know a little about this wonderful country and you will be more prepared to live your school year in Canada. This country has a huge offer of attractions capable of satisfying all tastes, budgets, and ages; from charming cities full of history to huge and modern cities; incredible museums, fantastic shopping areas, the most spectacular wild nature, and the possibility of practicing any sport you want. Are you still thinking? Take a school year in Canada; the best adventure of your life.

  1. Variety of languages

Canada is a perfect destination to learn languages ​​since in addition to the official languages ​​there are some fifty native languages. Canada is the ideal place to learn not only English but also French. Although the two languages ​​are very widespread throughout the country, before making your trip, find out which is the dominant language of your destination city or town. Isn’t it great to be able to learn 2 languages ​​at the same time? Doing a school year in Canada will allow you to return mastering two languages, which is why this country is one of the most suitable and profitable options if what you want is to learn and return being bilingual.

  1. Meteorological conditions

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, after Russia, so several different climates can occur depending on the region you are in. There are warmer and more humid areas such as the Pacific coast and colder areas such as the Atlantic coast. During winter snowfalls are frequent, which will allow you to practice countless sports and during summer they can reach up to 30ºC, the perfect time to enjoy nature by hiking between lakes and mountains. We recommend that you investigate the weather conditions of the city or town where you are going to do your school year in Canada so that you have all the necessary information to prepare your luggage correctly and that you do not lack anything.

  1. Kindness, good humor, seriousness and respect

The Canadian character is friendly and close, although they are also serious and responsible people. The people of Canada are well known for their hospitality and great friendliness, so they will make you feel at home in no time and will make your adjustment during your school year in Canada as short and easy. They are also very disciplined and serious about their work and have a great sense of respect for others. In addition, Canadians are also famous for their good sense of humor, for being very funny and humorous; They will make you live countless unforgettable moments.

  1. Infinity of sports and activities

During your school year in Canada, you will be able to take advantage of practicing countless sports such as ice hockey and skating, skiing, snowboarding, golf, tennis, baseball, swimming, or soccer. The educational centers have fantastic sports facilities. The great variety of natural resources of the country is one of its great tourist attractions; Knowing, Canada is committed to taking care of them and promoting leisure and quality of life through different options with which to enjoy Canadian nature: camping, winter sports, fishing and hunting, hiking, mountaineering, canoeing … the options are multiple both in winter and summer.

  1. Big modern cities

Canada is not only a country of nature and landscapes of spectacular beauty, it is also home to modern and impressive cities with an infinite number of tourist attractions to visit and discover. Your school year destination in Canada may be one of these cities, but if not, you can always make the odd getaway to make the most of your experience and get to know the country as much as you can.

– Quebec: The capital of the province of Quebec, its official language is French and it is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

-Montreal: Known for its European style, its official language is French. You will fall in love with its way of combining the old and the modern, its people, its streets, its restaurants …

-Toronto: Financial center of the country and one of the most important and cosmopolitan cities in Canada. Famous for the impressive CN Tower, enjoy its young and vibrant atmosphere.

-Vancouver: This city has the most important port in the country and also has a high level of quality of life. The multiculturalism and leisure offer is incredible.

-Calgary: Located in the province of Alberta, this city has landscapes of dazzling beauty, among which its hills, beautiful lakes, and lush forests stand out.

-Ottawa: The capital of the country, a very cosmopolitan city that has a wide range of leisure activities, both natural and cultural and commercial, a place with a high level of quality of life.

-Victoria: Capital of British Columbia, famous for its good weather, its spectacular gardens, and its British roots. A city that exudes charm, it looks like something out of a postcard!

  1. Impressive natural resources

If this country is known for something, it is for its great natural diversity, if you are going to study a school year in Canada you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the main tourist attractions: Niagara Falls, the Provincial Dinosaur Park, the Cabot Trail. the Rocky Mountain Parks and Nahanni National Park; But not only this, whatever the destination of your school year in Canada, it will allow you to enjoy the wildest nature.

  1. Delicious gastronomy

Canada’s food culture is highly varied, due to the congregation of English, American and French influences that it presents. During your school year in Canada, you will be able to enjoy the best quality products: delicious salmon and rich meats, as well as delicious fruits and vegetables. Without a doubt, you should try the maple syrup, one of the star products of the country and its traditional dishes: poutine, tourtierre, tarte au sucre or pudding au home, you will love Canadian food!

  1. Different measurement system

Like the United States or England, Canada does not use the same system of measures as Spain; so there you will not talk about degrees centigrade, kilometers, kilograms, or liters, but about Fahrenheit, inches, miles, feet, and ounces. It may cost you a little to change at first, but surely you will get used to it right away and after time, you will do the conversion automatically.

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